Australian Renewable Energy Agency


ARENA was established to make renewable energy solutions more affordable and increase the amount of renewable energy used in Australia.

  1. Latest news

    Green crude production starts at demonstration plant

    ARENA CFO Ian Kay joined SA Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock to open Muradel’s $10.7 million demonstration plant at Whyalla today.

  2. Setting a pathway to on-grid storage

    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) today announced $445,000 funding for AGL Energy Limited (AGL) to develop a business case for grid-connected energy storage in South Australia.

  3. Danny Broad appointed to the board of ARENA

    The Chair, Board members and staff of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) are delighted to advise that Danny Broad has been appointed by the Australian Government to the Board of ARENA.

  4. Asia-Pacific solar collaboration conference

    The Australian Photovoltaic Institute is holding the inaugural Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference at the University of New South Wales in Sydney from 8-10 December 2014.