ARENA supports renewable energy activities through its funding programmes, which help to develop technologies and improve investor confidence in renewable energy projects to strengthen those projects' chances of success.

ARENA’s funding programmes uniquely span the innovation chain from research in the laboratory to large-scale pre-commercial deployment activities.

This infographic describes the commercialisation pathway from Research and Development through Demonstration to Deployment. ARENA funds projects across the innovation chain. ARENA Research and Development Programme funds both early stage research and development. ARENA's Advancing Renewables Programme funds projects from pilot scale demonstration to pre commercial deployment.

Research and Development Programme

Purpose: To support world-class research and development in priority renewable energy technologies.

Availability: Applications are accepted only during competitive rounds.

Advancing Renewables Programme

Purpose: To support activities that reduce the cost or increase the value delivered of renewable energy, advance renewable energy technologies towards commercial readiness, reduce or remove barriers to uptake, or increase relevant skills, capacity and knowledge.

Availability: Open to applications for all activities identified in the ARENA Investment Plan, other than those designated as competitive. Applications for the competitive activities are only accepted during competitive rounds.

Large-scale solar photovoltaics – competitive round: this competitive round aims to support further cost reduction in large-scale solar PV. ARENA has allocated $100 million to support large-scale solar PV projects selected through the round.

Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund Programme

Purpose: To foster skills and management capability, and provide funding confidence to renewable energy projects to strengthen their chance of success.

Availability: The REVC Fund supports the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund. Applicants should contact Southern Cross Venture Partners directly to discuss venture capital opportunities.

Closed programmes

The Emerging Renewables Programme and Accelerated Step Change Initiative are closed to new applications from 14 July 2015. See all closed programmes.