Carnegie CETO 6 technology

This project will deploy the next generation of Carnegie’s 100% owned and invented CETO wave energy technology.

Lead organisation:
Carnegie Wave Energy
Offshore of Garden Island, WA
Ocean energy
ARENA program:
Emerging Renewables Program
Start date:
June 2014

The CETO 6 project will deploy three grid-connected CETO 6 units off the coast of Garden Island.

CETO 6 will deliver increased power generation capacity compared to CETO 5, and its improved efficiency will reduce power costs.

Project details

Carnegie will undertake design, construction, deployment and demonstration of a grid-connected wave generation project with up to 3MW peak installed capacity off Garden Island, Western Australia.

This project will use Carnegie’s Australian invented and owned CETO technology, building on the learnings from their Perth Wave Energy Project, and applying these to the next generation, CETO 6.

Project innovation

This project aims to demonstrate the CETO technology in higher sea states and in increased wave power. It will be located further offshore, where greater wave power is present.

The CETO 6 buoy oscillates with the ocean’s waves, transferring energy to a power conversion unit located inside the buoy, generating power offshore and transmitting it onshore via a subsea cable.

Each CETO 6 unit is expected to be capable of generating up to 1MW – approximately four times the generation capacity of the CETO 5 technology currently being used in Carnegie’s Perth Wave Energy Project. The units’ larger size and capacity will result in lower cost of power production.

The Australian Department of Defence will purchase the power generated by the project under its power supply agreement with Carnegie, which will provide electricity for HMAS Stirling, Australia’s largest naval base.

More information

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Contact information

Dr Michel Ottaviano, Chief Executive Officer, Carnegie Wave Energy
+61 8 9486 4466