Moree Solar Farm


  • Aerial view of construction site, February 2016

  • Installing the piles that will support the mounting structures and modules

  • Installing one of the project’s 31,800 piles

  • Mounting structures ready to be assembled

  • Installing the mounting structures

  • Final adjustments to a tracking motor. Each motor controls 80 panels

  • Some of 222,880 modules ready to be unpacked and installed

  • Drums that held electrical cabling for the project

  • Arrays of modules. These run north-south and the axis of tracking is east-west

  • Wiring up some of the 222,880 panels at the solar farm

This project aims to increase Australian knowledge and expertise in large-scale solar energy by building and operating a 56MWac (70MWp) grid-connected solar farm just south of Moree in NSW.

Lead organisation:
Moree Solar Farm Pty Ltd
Moree, NSW
Solar energy
Start date:
July 2014

The Moree location was chosen for its high-quality solar resources and proximity to the electricity grid.

The Moree Solar Farm will use solar photovoltaic-polycrystalline modules and a single-axis horizontal tracking system – which allows the modules to follow the sun to maximise power output.

It will connect to Essential Energy’s distribution network, allowing the solar power plant to supply electricity into the grid and compete in the National Electricity Market.

Project details

ARENA has provided $101.7 million to support the construction and operation of the 56MW solar power plant by Moree Solar Farm Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of leading worldwide solar company, FRV.

The total value of the project is approximately $164 million.

One of the project’s main aims is to demonstrate that large-scale solar power plants can be constructed and operated within Australia’s major electricity grids. As part of the project, a transparent business model will be developed that can be shared with and replicated by a broad range of market participants to ensure a competitive and sustainable base.

Another project objective is to encourage regional development by providing opportunities for direct employment during the construction phase, and indirectly through local service providers. Moree Solar Farm estimates around 100 construction jobs will be created, with around another 130 local jobs created to support the construction workforce. Approximately five permanent jobs will be created to run the plant once it is completed.

The solar farm will be located approximately 10km south of Moree in NSW, at a site that is considered an ideal location due to the intense levels of solar radiation experienced in the area and proximity to the national electricity grid.

Construction of the facility will take place over 2015-16 and, once complete, it will produce enough clean energy to supply around 15,000 homes.

Once the solar farm has been fully commissioned, it is expected to have an operating life of 30 years and generate approximately 4,000 GWh over that time.

Lessons learned

Lessons Learned Report: Moree Solar Farm (PDF 486KB) | (DOCX 101KB) – lessons learned during the pre-construction period, from site selection and community engagement through to financing and grid connection.

More information

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