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The Solar Energy Transformation Program – or SETuP – aims to transform the delivery of electricity in remote off-grid communities throughout the Northern Territory.

Lead organisation:
Power and Water Corporation Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd
More than 30 remote locations across the Northern Territory, NT
Solar energy
ARENA program:
Community and Regional Renewable Energy program
Start date:
July 2014

Project innovation

Power and Water Corporation (PWC), through its subsidiary Indigenous Essential Services Pty Ltd, will deploy medium and high penetration renewable energy systems in more than 30 remote communities in the Northern Territory.

The project will integrate 10 MW of solar PV into remote locations with existing diesel power stations without compromising power quality and reliability of those existing assets. The majority of solar systems will achieve 15% diesel fuel displacement from a total 9 MW solar PV. The remaining 1 MW high penetration system will be installed at Nauiyu (Daly River), achieving around 50% diesel fuel displacement.

The Nauiyu installation will demonstrate enabling technologies such as energy storage, flexible diesel technology, advanced control systems, cloud forecasting and load control. These advancements can be rolled out to the other 30 plus sites as each technology becomes viable.

SETuP is designed to create a platform for greater use of solar in the communities in the future. The outcomes at Nauiyu will guide deployment of enabling technologies in the other remote communities as these technologies become cost effective and deliver even greater diesel savings over time.

Solar transformation


SETuP will work with remote communities to increase understanding of the benefits of solar/diesel hybrid systems, energy efficiency and measures to manage energy consumption. It will also generate and share knowledge that will assist other remote community energy providers to deploy renewable energy solutions.

PWC will redesign work practices and systems that accommodate the use of renewable energy systems as part of “business as usual” operations. This transformation will include adapting PWC standard operating procedures to reflect the requirements of high penetration renewable systems.

More information

Media release – 12 October 2014: Solar to power more than 30 remote NT communities
Media release – 12 October 2014: The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP: Northern Territory solar project adds to diverse energy mix

Contact information

Graeme Marshall, Solar SETuP Program Director, Power and Water Corporation
(08) 8995 5873