Bioenergy projects

ARENA is supporting these bioenergy projects.

20 Projects

$46.4m ARENA funding

$99.8m Total project cost

= project completed

= project closed

Lead organisationProjectARENA funding provided / committedTotal project cost
UnitywaterUnitywater sewage waste to energy feasibility study$296,500$696,940
Southern Oil Refining Pty Ltd (Southern Oil Refining or SOR)Australia’s first advanced biofuel laboratory$2,416,000$5,379,928
Renewable Developments Australia Pty LtdPentland Bioenergy Project$3,000,000$13,100,000
Queensland University of TechnologyUtilising biogas in sugarcane transport and milling$2,100,000$5,700,000
Rural Industries Research and Development CorporationThe Australian biomass for bioenergy assessment project$3,000,000$6,269,000
Renergi Pty LtdA low emission biofuel technology$5,173,000$12,891,182
Bioenergy AustraliaParticipation in the International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy program$360,000$1,098,700
Biosystems Engineering Pty LtdWoody biomass harvester$1,940,000$3,481,069
AgGrow Energy Resources Pty LtdInvestigating a bioenergy alternative for mines$300,000$400,000
Muradel Pty LtdAdvancing marine microalgae biofuel to commercialisation$4,398,000$10,738,000
James Cook UniversityHigh-energy algal fuels$5,000,000$11,000,000
Licella Pty LtdBiomass to bio-crude: Producing advanced drop-in fuels for Australia$4,864,414$7,296,256
Qantas/ShellAustralian feedstock and refining capacity to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)$575,000$950,000
The University of MelbourneProduction of biofuel from microalgae$920,000$2,844,665
Almond Board of Australia IncGenerating renewable energy from almond waste$32,100$60,000
BSES Limited (now Sugar Research Australia)Cane2Fuel: Feasibility of producing biofuel from sugarcane waste$1,266,000$1,947,985
Licella Pty LtdDemonstrate commercial production of bio-crude oil from biomass$2,288,000$3,038,000
Microbiogen Pty LtdProduction of Generation 2 ethanol from sugarcane waste$2,374,996$6,192,876
Renergi Pty LtdAdvanced biomass gasification technology$3,624,253$6,729,553
Curtin University of TechnologySustainable production of transport biofuels from mallee crops by pyrolysis and biorefinery$2,500,000