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Opportunity details

Step 1
  • Distributed Energy Resources Guidelines

    ARENA is allocating up to $12.5 million funding for pilot projects and studies to integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into the electricity system.

    Distributed Energy Resources include behind the meter renewable and non-renewable generation, energy storage, electric vehicles and other controllable loads as well as enabling technologies (eg smart meters, inverters, device controllers and data services)

    The funding initiative aims to support increasing shares of distributed solar PV and batteries, and help distributed energy resources in homes and businesses to contribute to grid reliability.

    Funding will be split across two streams

    Stream A – Projects
    These projects will help demonstrate new ways to understand and manage the impacts of high DER penetration in different parts of the distribution network. This will allow networks to connect more DER (such as rooftop solar PV) while reducing costs and operating within the technical limits of the power system.

    Stream B – Studies
    These studies will help startups, networks, retailers, government and system operators develop solutions to address the technical, regulatory and commercial challenges of managing a grid with a high penetration of DER.

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