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Driving the Nation Program

Step 1 - Read the program guidelines
  • Background

    Announced in 2022, the Government’s Driving the Nation Fund provides $500 million to invest in cheaper and cleaner transport. This funding builds on the former ‘Future Fuels Fund’ (established in 2020), targeting support for business fleets, new technologies for heavy and long-distance vehicles, public charging and hydrogen refuelling stations and smart charging.

    We provide funding under the Driving the Nation Program to initiatives aligned to these objectives (see details below for open opportunities).

    How it works

    The Driving the Nation Program is ongoing and accepting of applications that contribute to the Program objectives and align with the Program Focus Areas. The assessment process involves two stages:

    1. Expressions of Interest; and
    2. Full Application stage.

    2023 Focus Areas – Innovation in Charging [Open]

    Open since April 2023, we have allocated $70 million towards the 2023 Focus Areas aiming to support innovation in public charging and management of charging. Contact our team by emailing

    We are accepting applications under the 2023 Focus Areas.

    2022 Focus Areas – Business Fleets [Closed]

    Opened in February 2022, we have allocated $127.9 million towards the 2022 Focus Areas aiming to accelerate uptake of ZEVs by business fleets. The 2022 Focus Areas comprise:

    1. Supporting the integration of battery electric vehicles into light vehicle fleets.
    2. Supporting the integration of battery electric vehicles into heavy vehicle fleets.
    3. Commercialising hydrogen as a transport fuel.

    The 2022 Focus Areas closed to new applications on 19 June 2023.

    Targeted Rounds [Closed]

    We may choose to utilise a Targeted Round within the Program for targeted activities. The start of a Targeted Round will be announced via a Funding Announcement on the Program webpage. See section 2.32 of the Program Guidelines for more information.

    We awarded $24.55 million under the Public Charging Round (Round 1 of the Program) to support the roll-out of 403 public electric vehicle fast charging stations nationwide.

Step 2 - Observe the key dates
  • Key dates

    2022 Focus Areas (Fleet Decarbonisation)

    • Start date: 22 February 2022
    • Closing date: 19 June 2023

    2023 Focus Areas (Innovation in Charging)

    • Start date: 19 April 2023
    • Closing date: Ongoing
Step 3 - Prepare your response
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