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  • Start date

    01 February 2022

  • Closing date

    31 March 2022

How to Apply for Funding

Step 1 - Read the program guidelines
  • Background

    The Large Scale Battery Storage Funding Round will provide funding to grid scale battery energy storage projects equipped with advanced inverters, allowing them to provide essential system services to the electricity grid.

    The initiative follows the release of the Australian Energy Market Operator’s ‘Application of Advanced Grid-scale Inverters in the NEM’ report, which highlights the large potential of large scale battery storage (LSBS) equipped with advanced inverter technology in supporting the energy transition.

    How it works

    The Funding Announcement details the process we will use to fund three or more projects under the Advancing Renewables Program (ARP). The Funding Round is a competitive process as defined in the ARP Guidelines, and clauses 4.27 to 4.32 apply. The Funding Announcement should be read in conjunction with the ARP Guidelines below (which apply to the Funding Round).

    Types of projects

    We are open to funding proposals for new build LSBS projects, retrofits, and expansions. These three options are described below:

    New buildConstruction of a new battery asset with advanced inverter capability
    RetrofitProposals that seek to incorporate advanced inverter functionality onto an existing or committed* LSBS asset.
    ExpansionProposals to expand an existing or committed* LSBS asset by constructing a new LSBS asset adjacent, and incorporating advanced inverter functionality across both the existing and new LSBS assets.

    * A committed project is a project that has achieved financial close and all relevant parties and commercial contracts have moved to a binding and irrevocable stage.

    We expect to:

    • allocate less than 50% of the Total Funding Allocation ($100 million) to Retrofits and Expansions
    • fund at least three projects, with a maximum of $35 million for each project.

    Further reading

Step 2 - Observe the key dates
  • Key dates

    Key dates for the Large Scale Battery Storage Funding Round are outlined below. Please note that these are subject to change at ARENA’s discretion. For more details, refer to the Funding Announcement.

    • EOI Open Date: Tuesday, 1 February 2022
    • EOI Due Date: Thursday, 31 March 2022 at 5:00 PM (local time in Canberra)

    The dates represent the current timetable for the Funding Round. We retain the right to amend proposed timelines and stages or alter any element of the Funding Round at our discretion. If we deem it beneficial to achieving the Funding Round Objectives, we may extend or change the timetable.

Step 3 - Prepare your response
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