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Advanced biofuels

Advanced biofuels are liquid transport fuels produced from sustainable plant material (known as biomass) including algae and agricultural and forestry products.

Under the previous Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) the Australian Government supported the development of advanced biofuels by launching the $10 million Advanced Biofuels Investment Readiness (ABIR) program and providing a $5 million foundation grant to James Cook University for its high-energy algal fuels project.

Advanced Biofuels Investment Readiness (ABIR) program

The ABIR program was launched in response to an Advanced Biofuels Study conducted in 2011.

The program is supporting pre-commercial projects in Australia that will produce high energy renewable fuels that can be ‘dropped-in’ to existing infrastructure.

The ABIR program is closed and no further assessments under this program will be undertaken.