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Emerging renewables

The Emerging Renewables Program (ERP) supports a broad range of development, demonstration and early stage deployment projects that have the potential to lower the cost and increase the use of renewable energy technologies in Australia.

ERP projects help to develop renewable energy technologies that have the best chance of providing competitively-priced energy for Australia in the long term, as well as building the skills and knowledge needed to develop future projects.

New applications for the program are now closed.

There are ERP projects in a range of renewable energy technologies.
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Projects and measures

The program includes funding for measures that fill critical knowledge gaps in the industry as well as projects that overcome barriers to large scale renewable energy projects in regional or remote Australia.

Projects are activities that develop a renewable energy technology along the commercialisation pathway or remove or reduce a roadblock to deliver ARENA’s strategic initiatives.

Measures are knowledge sharing activities, preparatory activities for projects or industry development and capacity building activities.

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