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How to Apply for Funding

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Commercialisation of high-performance anti-reflective coatings to be applied to solar panels to make them more efficient Brisbane Materials Holdings Inc $3,833,266 Active
Commercialisation of a hydrogen storage technology which will enable a new renewable energy storage solution Hydrexia Pty Ltd $7,055,766 Active
Deployment of solar integration system into the Australian market Sunverge Energy $18,096,316 Active
Development of a new cost effective liquid battery technology to enable 24/7 renewable electricity Boulder Ionics $528,320 Exited
Development of a competitive cost position in PV manufacturing, sales and distribution in the Australian market UCT Australia $5,344,638 Exited
Development of advanced lithium-ion battery storage solutions for Australian and global markets Octillion Power Systems Australia $6,423,550 Active
Development of an innovative electricity retailing business model Mojo Power Holdings Pty Ltd $7,317,494 Active
Deployment into the Australian market of software for the design, integration and operation of network-connected energy storage and micro-grid systems Growing Energy Labs, Inc $5,438,454 Active
Provision of software solutions to Distribution Systems Operators at the utility scale and microgrid Greensync Holdings Pty Ltd $5,000,000 Active
Development of an energy measurement technology that helps better manage energy use and costs. Energy Saving Networks (Wattwatchers) $2,000,000 Active
Development of intellectual property, knowledge and experience for manufacturing a cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly sodium-ion battery. BenAn Energy $4,629,050 Active
Development of an innovative glass-free lightweight flexible solar panel called eArche which can be fitted on any surface including curved surfaces. Sunman Energy Co Ltd $6,574,622 Active
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