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This technical report presents the details and findings for the project ”Addressing Barriers to Efficient Integration of Renewables”, for the period 8 Feb 2020 to 15 Jul 2020.

Report extract

The specific topics discussed in this report include:

Task 1 Provision of frequency management options, considering preliminary results from load monitoring.

Task 2 Provision of modelling deliverables completed at Milestone 3. The progress on these deliverables is summarised below:

Task 1: Inverter Bench Testing and Load Monitoring

Recent distributed PV monitoring initiatives in Australia inferred that large amounts of rooftop PV generation can unpredictably disconnect or curtail when subjected to grid disturbances [1, 17],[18, pp. 42-43], posing a security risk to frequency management and contingency planning in the bulk power system. The research performed to complete milestone 4 improves understanding and management of frequency in the bulk power system, increasing visibility and knowledge of distributed PV systems behavior during grid events. The following para- graphs discuss the contributions achieved in this reporting period.

Last updated 04 November 2020
Last updated
04 November 2020
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