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Edition 10 of ARENA Insights shines a spotlight on the work of the Cities Power Partnership.

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In 2018, ARENA provided $493,000 towards the Cities Power Partnership, a local government climate program aimed at helping towns and cities to make the switch to renewables.

Established by the Climate Council in 2017, the Cities Power Partnership already represents almost a fifth of Australia’s 537 local councils, which collectively represent almost 11 million Australians.

The Cities Power Partnership helps councils profile their renewable energy and sustainability work to communities locally and nationally. Partners select five key actions from the partnership pledges ranging from renewable energy, efficiency, transport and advocacy.

ARENA’s funding enables the Climate Council to expand its educated network of communities to share and create knowledge.

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ARENA Insights Edition #10

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Last updated 27 August 2020
Last updated
27 August 2020
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