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This month we bring you the insights from the short-term forecasting trials funded by ARENA, the latest on the DEIP work plan for 2020 as well as new to the Knowledge Bank reports on the lessons and findings from the Evie network and ATCO hydrogen test facility projects.

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In 2019 ARENA awarded $9.41 million to 11 participants to trial short-term forecasting at large-scale wind and solar farms across Australia. The trials are being conducted in partnership with the AEMO, whose operational forecasting team manages the forecast submission process and uses the forecasts in their centrally-coordinated dispatch process.

ARENA and AEMO published a report last month summarising the trials’ progress as well as insights gained so far. The top highlight is that self forecasting five minutes ahead is proving to be more accurate than the current system used by AEMO.

With more than 35 per cent of NEM-based wind and solar farms participating in the trial, improved forecast accuracy may prove highly beneficial as more renewables come online.

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ARENA Insights Edition #15

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Last updated 07 July 2020
Last updated
07 July 2020
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