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This assessment provides a snapshot of Australia’s identified and potential energy resources—ranging from fossil fuels and uranium to renewables—and reviews the factors likely to influence their future use.

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In economic terms, the energy sector makes a substantial contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product, export earnings, and employment. A secure supply of affordable, reliable, environmentally sustainable energy is essential to Australia’s future economic growth and prosperity.

Australia’s future energy supply will need to have lower emissions in order to meet the challenges posed by rising levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. This requires a higher level of understanding of Australia’s energy resources and the factors likely to affect their development and use. Geoscience Australia and the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics were commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Industry to produce a comprehensive and integrated scientific and economic assessment of Australia’s energy resources. This is the second edition of the Australian Energy Resource Assessment, the first edition being published in 2010. This edition focusses on the current state of the energy sector and does not include market projections

Last updated 25 August 2020
Last updated
25 August 2020
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