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The purpose of this report is to share the learnings from the first twelve months of operation of the Ballarat System.

Report extract

The project is the first of its kind in Australia — a standalone battery-based energy storage system being installed in front of the meter and directly connected to the transmission network — and the first grid-scale battery-based storage system commissioned in the state of Victoria.

The Ballarat System is a 30MW / 30MWh system utilising Lithium-ion battery technology and Fluence’s proprietary hardware and software controls. The system is installed at Ballarat Terminal Station (BATS) and is connected to the transmission network via the BATS No.1 transformer tertiary winding (rated at 22kV 40MVA). The Ballarat System is registered to operate as a 30MW generator, a 30MW load, and to provide regulation Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) raise and lower as well as all six contingency FCAS markets. The Ballarat Terminal Station is the central hub for the electricity transmission network in western Victoria and the location was chosen to add new capabilities at AusNet Services’ existing facility to support further renewable electricity generation, in addition to over 620MW of existing local renewable energy generation.

Last updated 01 September 2020
Last updated
01 September 2020
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