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This report is a summary of the lessons learnt by Chargefox during the delivery of the early stages of their Electric Vehicle Charging Network Project.

Report extract

Chargefox is a business dedicated to accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles (EV) in Australia. We have built an EV charger management platform and freely accessible app, and have more than 500 plugs under management. We are also building Australia’s first Ultra-Rapid charging network, which connects Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and adds stations in Western Australia and Tasmania. We will deliver at least 22 sites before the end of 2019, using a mix of Ultra-Rapid 350kW DC chargers for future vehicles, and 50kW DC units for legacy EVs.

The first two sites are completed and open, another six will be open before the end of the financial year, and the remaining 14 opened in the last 6-months of 2019.

This report covers lessons learned in the previous 12 months, from April 2018 to March 2019.

Download the Chargefox Lessons Learned Report 1 report (PDF 58KB)

Last updated 02 February 2020
Last updated
02 February 2020
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