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This report provides an overview of the demand response provided by United Energy across Victoria for the ARENA Demand Response Trial. The knowledge shared is for the summer 2018/19 testing period.

Report extract

This document is the United Energy Demand Response Project Performance Report for the ARENA Advancing Renewables Programme – Demand Response programme (RB006). It fulfils an obligation under the Knowledge Sharing Plan to provide an update on the status of the delivery of the Dynamic Voltage Management System (DVMS) rollout project including sharing of results and lessons learnt.

This report documents the major achievements of the project since the release of the last milestone report. These achievements include completion of:-

  1. AEMO tests to confirm United Energy’s demand response reserve capability for the last period;
  2. Summary of issues and their resolutions identified during installation and operation of the DVMS; and
  3. Knowledge sharing activities relating to the findings of the project during the period.

To minimise duplication of content, this report should be read as a continuation of the milestone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 reports.

Last updated 08 September 2020
Last updated
08 September 2020
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