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This report provides guidance on the legal arrangements for transacting in Renewable Energy Hub’s (REH) hedge contracts.

Report extract

It aims to provide guidance to existing and prospective participants in renewable energy markets, from project developers, to energy retailers, to commercial and industrial end use customers. The intention is to achieve a degree of consensus around standardised terms for the sorts of hedge contracts required to firm up variable renewable generation and to make these standardised terms readily available for renewable energy buyers and sellers.

The Report and a Term Sheet, available from REH, provide an introduction to how these documents function, critical terms and issues addressed including credit, liquidated damages and settlement. The report summarises current legal conventions for trading electricity futures contracts including use of International Swaps and Derivatives Association documentation, standard trade confirmations provided by The Australian Financial Markets Association and bilateral or bespoke agreements.

Last updated 19 November 2020
Last updated
19 November 2020
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