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This report documents the major achievements of the project since the release of the last United Energy milestone report. The knowledge shared is for the summer 2018 testing period.

Report extract

United Energy undertook a summer period demand response test with AEMO. The objectives of the test undertaken on 17th May 2018 were to –

  1. confirm UE’s demand response reserve capability achieves the required 30MW (compared to the previous
    requirement of 12MW); and
  2. ensure the ITT (Invitation to Tender) and activation communication channels were operating correctly and acted on within the required period of time of 30 minutes and 10 minutes respectively.

In summary, high-speed SCADA measurements (presented below) provide evidence that United Energy has delivered at least the required 30MW of demand response capability for all half-hour periods except the first period, and that the communication process to receive and accept the ITT, and the subsequent activation of the demand response reserve capability have been successfully demonstrated. Follow up actions to address the issues of the first half hour period have been addressed and retested with the results presented in this report.

Last updated 08 September 2020
Last updated
08 September 2020
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