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A-Lab has three core objectives:

Objective 1

Objective 1Projects driving systemic change – through our process we will enable the design of new projects, initiatives and businesses that accelerate the transition to clean energy.


Objective 2

Objective 2Collaborative community – to deliver systemic innovation we will foster collaboration across a diverse group of participants, representing all parts of the energy system.


Objective 3

Objective 3Building innovation capability – we will empower our participants with new skills and capabilities to creatively solve the industry’s biggest challenges.

Last updated 05 July 2020
Last updated
05 July 2020


Darren Miller: Investing in the building blocks for net zero

ARENA CEO Darren Miller recently launched the agency’s new investment plan, explaining that Australia is blessed with all the ingredients needed to succeed in the transition to net zero emissions.

Island paradise makes the switch to renewables

Lord Howe Island draws thousands of visitors every year to experience plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.

ARENA opens $50 million fund for regional microgrid projects

Microgrids are unlocking reliable, affordable renewable energy for remote populations.

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