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A-Lab has three core objectives:

Objective 1

Objective 1Projects driving systemic change – through our process we will enable the design of new projects, initiatives and businesses that accelerate the transition to clean energy.


Objective 2

Objective 2Collaborative community – to deliver systemic innovation we will foster collaboration across a diverse group of participants, representing all parts of the energy system.


Objective 3

Objective 3Building innovation capability – we will empower our participants with new skills and capabilities to creatively solve the industry’s biggest challenges.

Last updated 05 July 2020
Last updated
05 July 2020


Brimbank council makes a splash with renewable aquatic centre

Heat pumps powered by solar will be used in the place of gas boilers.

$24 million boost to expand EV charging network

Hundreds of new EV charging stations will be built around the country.

Solar pioneer breaks down his game-changing invention

Energy transformer Dr John Lasich from RayGen has helped to take solar from “witchcraft or alchemy” into the cheapest form of energy generation in history.

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