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Step 1 - Read the overview


We are working with farrierswier and GridWise Energy Solutions to develop a framework and maturity assessment that helps industry stakeholders better understand the breadth and nature of key ARENA and non-ARENA distributed energy resource (DER) projects. We will work with industry stakeholders to develop two deliverables:

  • A functional framework that will map DER projects to functional areas (e.g. device standards, interoperability), helping to develop an understanding of DER projects, what they seek to achieve, their method and approach, and how they relate to each other.

  • A maturity assessment that will help develop a common vision for each functional area, and will indicate how progressed each functional area is to that vision.
The scope of this work falls within technology integration projects, and does not cover broader market, regulatory or consumer projects.

Together, the functional framework and maturity assessment will form a baseline report, communicating a snapshot in time of key DER projects and maturity levels for each of the functional areas. It is intended that this report will be replicated in future to show progress over time.


Distributed Energy Resources

If you have any questions about the State of DER Technology Integration work, email us at

    Step 2 - Register your interest

    Register your interest

    Between May and August, we will work with industry to build the framework and maturity assessment through a series of 1-1 discussions, online workshops and surveys. We will reach out to known industry stakeholders directly and post project updates and calls for comment on this webpage.

    Registrations for this initiative have closed.

      Project timeline

      Project timeline

      The State of DER Technology Integration work comprises four key stages:

      • Stage 1: Issue discovery and development of a draft functional framework for consultation [COMPLETE]

      • Stage 2: Prepare project summaries to develop an understanding of relevant DER technical integration projects, through liaison with project leads [COMPLETE]

      • Stage 3: Develop a maturity assessment method for assessing how the projects collectively contribute to the maturity of each functional area for consultation [COMPLETE]

      • Stage 4: Collate the above in a final project report and associated communication materials. [COMPLETE]

      The State of DER Technology Integration Report is now available. Read the report.


      - State of DER Technology Integration Project Summaries (PDF 2MB)
      - Read the Technology Integration Functional Framework

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