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    02 September 2015

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    Solar energy
    Solar PV R&D

Australia’s solar resource is the envy of many other nations and increasingly the energy source of choice for households. There are now more than 1.44 million households receiving energy from a rooftop solar PV system (1).

At the larger end of the market, Australia’s solar sector is stepping up; catalysing innovation in utility-scale renewable energy and supply chains.

On-ground experience

Big solar PV projects supported by ARENA are building on-ground experience and proving their value to the local community and global markets. Together AGL’s Solar Project (Broken Hill and Nyngan) and FRV’s Moree Solar Farm will supply over 65,000 grid-connected homes with energy from solar PV.



ARENA’s investment priorities aim for best and biggest impact

Areas where we can currently make the most impact are large-scale solar PV, integrating renewables and grids, renewables for industrial processes, fringe of grid and network constrained areas and off-grid areas.

Read more about our priorities and focus areas.

Last updated 09 August 2022
Last updated
09 August 2022
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