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Hydro Tasmania earlier this month met King Island’s power needs with 100 per cent continuous renewable energy for almost 33 hours.

This is the latest in a long line of achievements for the King Island Renewable Energy Project. A second 26 hour period where diesel generators were completely switched off was achieved during October 2015.

King Island is home to around 1700 people and a world-class dairy industry. Wind, solar, bio diesel and diesel are working alongside battery energy storage, a smart grid and advanced control systems to power the island.

ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht said the milestone was a live example of how different renewable energy and enabling technologies can work together to provide stable, reliable power around the clock.

“Hydro Tasmania is using a unique combination of technologies to reduce King island’s reliance on expensive shipped in diesel and provide residents with a more secure and reliable energy source.

“This innovative energy solution could benefit off-grid communities on islands and in regional mainland Australia. I look forward to seeing Hydro Tasmania continue to refine and commercialise its approach in other locations.”

ARENA has provided $6 million funding to support the $18.25 million project and is supporting Hydro Tasmania to carry out a similar project on Flinders Island.

Last updated 09 August 2019
Last updated
09 August 2019
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