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    19 January 2015

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Now is the time to provide feedback on the four proposed priority areas for the second funding round of ARENA’s Research and Development (R&D) Program.

Feedback on the priority areas will be accepted up to the end of January and should be sent to

ARENA would like to hear stakeholder views on:

  • the appropriateness of the proposed priority areas to address a key energy challenge or capitalise on an energy opportunity
  • the willingness of industry and others to invest in the proposed priority areas
  • the commercialisation prospects for research conducted in these areas
  • Australia’s research standing in these areas.

This is an opportunity to help shape collaboration between the R&D sector and industry and have an impact on where ARENA funding is spent.

ARENA will be investing approximately $20 million in commercially-oriented, industry-partnered research projects through this funding round.

Refer to ARENA’s Research and Development (R&D) program for more information.

Last updated 17 July 2019
Last updated
17 July 2019
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