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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    DNV-GL Australia Pty Ltd


    Melbourne, Victoria

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables Program

  • Start Date

    June 2018



  • Project Partners
    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Smart Energy Council, Deakin University, The State of Victoria as represented by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


The Battery Storage System Performance Standard project aims to produce a proposed Australian Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Performance Standard (ABPS) for batteries connected to residential or small-scale commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The intention is for this proposed ABPS to be submitted to the Standards Australia standard creation process. A Guideline based on the proposed ABPS will also be produced for use by industry stakeholders prior to a final ABPS being agreed and finalised via Standards Australia.

Currently, it is difficult to compare the performance of BESS’ for sale in the market, as there is no common standard for how performance characteristics are reported. The proposed ABPS will include performance testing protocols and performance-metric reporting methods for battery manufacturers and system integrators so that end users are better informed about the expected performance of a BESS for specific use-cases, and therefore enabling a consistent comparison.

Last updated
03 August 2020

How the project works

The Battery Storage System Performance Standard project by DNV-GL Australia will review existing local and international battery energy storage system standards, best practice documents, guidelines and codes to develop the proposed ABPS. The proposed ABPS is intended to cover BESS’ with a maximum size of 100kW peak power and 200kWh stored energy, connected to a solar PV system.

The project will develop performance metrics and test commercial battery systems to optimise the test protocols included in the proposed ABPS. The project will also develop:

  • a battery capacity estimation methodology
  • a recommended criteria to select a battery management system
  • a process to assist the review of performance hazards related to the operation of a BESS
  • recommendations for information to be included on BESS material safety data sheets

To assist with the project activities and build broad stakeholder support for the outcomes of this project, an extensive Stakeholder Reference Group has been established to provide ongoing feedback. The Stakeholder Reference Group consists of battery manufacturers, industry associations, relevant government agencies/bodies, end user representatives, stakeholders with strong commercial battery experience, and proponents of relevant existing battery storage projects. Standards Australia will be kept informed of the project’s progress.

Area of innovation

Various standards related to BESS exist locally as well as globally; however, they generally only cover specific battery chemistries or applications. Furthermore, these standards cannot be directly applied to the current and emerging applications of BESS’ connected to residential/small-scale commercial PV systems. This proposed ABPS will strive to be technology agnostic and will be based on testing real-life applications in typical Australian conditions.


Standardising testing and specifying the associated performance characteristic reporting requirements will allow end users to be better informed about the expected performance of a BESS. It will also allow various battery systems to be compared on a like for like basis.

The proposed ABPS is also expected to:

  • provide clarity for battery manufacturers, system integrators and retailers regarding how to report the performance of their products and support their offer to the market
  • enhance visibility in the battery market regarding the performance of different products for different applications
  • support the uptake of the domestic battery market by providing greater clarity and confidence to end users on expected performance outcomes.

Additional impacts

The project involves a comprehensive gap analysis on existing local and international battery energy storage performance standards. The gap analysis is anticipated to be a useful resource in Australia and internationally.

Broad consultation with local stakeholders will assist to share knowledge on the project and the outcomes arising during the development of the proposed ABPS.

Last updated 03 August 2020


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