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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Raygen Resources Pty Ltd


    Melbourne, Newbridge, Victoria

    ARENA Program

    Advancing Renewables

  • Start Date

    June 2017



  • Project Partners
    Victorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


The RayGen PV Ultra Commercialisation project will see RayGen Resources Pty Ltd scale up the development and deployment activities of its proprietary ‘PV Ultra’ concentrating photovoltaic technology.

This project has reduced PV Ultra’s costs, increased manufacturing capacity and grown RayGen’s cumulative deployment to approximately 1MWAC and 2MWth. This progress has enabled RayGen to be in a position to sell its PV Ultra co-generation product to large C&I customers for commercial returns.


ARENA funding has been required to assist in bridging the PV Ultra technology through CRI 2 (Small Scale Commercial Trial) to be in a position for CRI 3 (Commercial Scale up). The PV Ultra technology has now been deployed four times across two sites, with retail energy sales beginning more than 30 months ago. The funding is being provided in the form of convertible notes for equity in RayGen Resources.


By supporting RayGen Resources in its project, ARENA is assisting in driving down the costs of PV Ultra to the point where it can enter the market as the lowest cost energy product for large co-generation applications. The project has enabled great technical and commercial progress and RayGen is now active in the market with two commercial products. These products can provide lowest cost electricity, heat and desalinated water (including offsetting thermal gas requirement). RayGen’s ongoing commercialisation will increase opportunities for renewable energy uptake by business and customers, as well as grow manufacturing, engineering and sales jobs in PV Ultra’s advanced manufacturing local ecosystem.


Last updated 20 June 2019


World-leading solar technology, born in Melbourne? That's ultra-cool.

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