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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    MIH2 Pty Ltd



    ARENA Program

    Hydrogen Research and Development Funding Round

  • Start date

    31 March 2024

    End date

    31 March 2029

  • Project Partners
    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australian Fortescue Future Industries (AFFI)


Fortescue aims to develop and scale the CSIRO patented axial flow electrolyser, targeting low cost, reduced energy consumption and potentially higher pressures relative to current commercially available alkaline electrolyser technologies.


This project was selected as part of the competitive Hydrogen R&D Funding Round under the Transformative Research Accelerating Commercialisation (TRAC) Program rapidly to develop the critical technologies required to build a clean, innovative, safe, and competitive hydrogen industry and position Australia as a major player globally. While hydrogen technologies and targets have continued to evolve, R&D investment remains a critical imperative to commercialise clean hydrogen. Projects supported by the Hydrogen R&D Funding Round seek to progress the commercialisation of low cost, clean hydrogen in Australia.


The Project will be delivered in two Stages:

Stage 1: 2-year Core Research Stage – Next generation cell design, fabrication, testing; Integration into a multicell, 2kW Hydrogen production rig at CSIRO Clayton facilities; Computational Fluid Design (CFD) modelling of large footprint cells; design of production scale cells and design of a 20kW prototype system.

Stage 2: 3-year Research Commercialisation Stage – a 20kW prototype (including required cells) will be built, installed and demonstrated at Fortescue facilities; Refined techno-economic analysis and commercialization plan; Assembly, testing and demonstration of a 200kW pilot plant.


The objectives for the Project will be achieved through the following Outcomes:

  1. accelerated commercialisation of renewable hydrogen through innovative R&D in hydrogen production technologies;
  2. increased academic research capacity in the Australian hydrogen sector, and the facilitation of collaboration between research groups and industry; and
  3. improvement in the technology readiness and commercial readiness of hydrogen production technologies.

Additional impact

  • Accelerated Innovation: exchange of research findings, technological breakthroughs and best practices between CSIRO, Fortescue and supply chains.
  • Interdisciplinary advancement – promoting collaboration between diverse expertise in science and engineering, fostering development of more efficient and practical hydrogen technology with real commercial outcomes.
  • Addressing sustainability, including environmental impact and lifecycle in hydrogen production
  • Educating a skilled workforce in the emerging field; seeding the next generation of hydrogen innovators.
  • Market Expansion: Adding competition to the emerging hydrogen market
  • Influence policy and regulatory frameworks in hydrogen technology, promoting safety and responsible hydrogen use
  • Catalyst for ongoing growth of Australia’s renewable energy sector
Last updated
10 April 2024
Last updated 10 April 2024
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