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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Frontier Impact Group Pty Ltd


    Melbourne, Victoria

    ARENA Program

    Emerging Renewables Program

  • Start date

    10 June 2015

    End date

    31 August 2018

  • Project Partners
    Trading as Community Power Agency, Embark Australia
    This renewables project was completed on 31 August 2018.


Frontier Impact Group will develop a financial toolkit for funding and financing community energy projects. A central repository will house simplified information on obtaining finance throughout each phase of the development process including concept, pre-feasibility, feasibility and financial close.

The financial toolkit aims to make new community energy projects cheaper and easier to develop. It will do this by reducing duplication of efforts, reducing the costs associated with obtaining external advice and increasing community energy developers understanding of financier requirements.

Frontier Impact Group will investigate what audience and what types and sizes of projects would be best supported by the toolkit. It will feature a range of resources developed as part of the project, including:

  • a financial checklist on the information required by investors, financiers and regulatory authorities at the various stages of project development
  • example financial models that will explain the general requirements of financiers at the pre-feasibility and financial close stages of development
  • relevant case studies to assist community energy project developers to understand key financing challenges and how to overcome them
  • a list of finance industry resources and contacts that may assist community energy project developers.
Last updated
18 November 2020
Last updated 18 November 2020
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