What they’re saying about our new podcast, Rewired: The Innovators…

It’s been a few days now since we launched our new podcast, ReWired:The Innovators into the world.

It’s a six-part series that features interviews with some of the most interesting people in renewable energy. Some of them are working on ARENA-sponsored projects, some of them aren’t.

All of them are pushing us forward into a renewable energy future.

In the first episode, host Adam Morton met PowerLedger founder Jemma Green and discussed the big plans her company has for peer to peer trading of energy using blockchain technology.

A new episode will be out on Thursday but you can make sure you never miss out by checking out episode 1 and subscribing at the link below.

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The response has been tremendous, with people downloading The Innovators at a faster rate than any podcast we’ve ever made.

We’re delighted to be averaging a five-star review on iTunes. And social media has been abuzz with people talking about the podcast. Here’s what they are saying about it (and If you haven’t got on board yet there’s still plenty of time).


“Just listened to the latest ARENA podcast. An interview with Dr Jemma Green, co-founder of PowerLedger. Brilliant interview, and answered a lot of the questions I had around the whole peer to peer energy trading space. Strongly recommend you take the time to listen to it. A podcast series well worth subscribing to.”
Wayne Pales, Energy Consultant and Demand Response expert.


“Check out this new podcast series brought to us by Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) presented by Adam Morton.”

Ben Waters, Director, Sustainable Business Australia.


“Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. Peer-to-peer trading. I am sure that got your attention, have a listen to the Podcast.”

Lucas Sadler, Powerark Solar



“ARENA is doing some amazing work in making the complex energy markets, and the startups playing in it, accessible to one and all. I’m loving listening to their podcast on my way to/from work!”

Danny De Schutter, Principal, ThinkPlace


This article was originally written by Daniel Silkstone, former Head of Content, ARENA.