Introducing ARENAWIRE

Here at ARENA we are big fans of innovation and the power of ideas – it’s what drives everything we do as we strive to accelerate Australia’s race towards a renewable energy future.

We do that by investing in projects that we think can make a difference, not just in producing clean, renewable energy but in helping to commercialise technology that is on the verge of breaking through.

And in return, when we provide funding to a project, we ask that they share the knowledge they’ve learned along the way, so that successful renewable energy projects can be replicated all over the country, and then around the world.

Part of that knowledge sharing is our commitment to spread the word about the exciting work being done by ARENA-funded projects across the country. And that’s where ARENAWIRE comes in.

This new site will be home to news, STORIES, BLOGS AND analysis and discussion about ARENA’s role and the projects it funds. It will also be a space for discussion about renewable energy more generally. What are the the breakthroughs pushing us forward? What are the issues playing out across the sector? Who are the leaders and innovators using their boundless energy and creativity to make sure renewable energy in Australia continues to take giant, ambitious strides?

So much is new, including the name. ARENAWIRE plays on the traditional meaning of the word in newsrooms across the world — an information service, bringing the latest to you. But it also refers to ARENA’s role in shaping and reforming the energy and electricity system in Australia.

In electronics a wire is not always a pathway for one-way communication; current can run in both directions. And so it is with this site. For the first time, comments are introduced on every story. We want your constructive feedback, your participation, your (polite and considered) views.

In coming months we’ll be introducing plenty of great content. We will bring you a new podcast series, regular videos featuring many of ARENA’s most fascinating projects as well as leaders from across the renewable energy world and stories from some of the best-credentialled energy and environment writers in the nation.

We’ll also be providing a platform for ARENA’s own in-house experts – our knowledgable and passionate staff – to blog about many of the issues and trends that are dominating renewable energy today.

We will shortly introduce a fortnightly newsletter, bringing you the best of this content world and we encourage you to sign up for regular updates.

Please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Please read, like and share our stories, videos and podcasts. And please let us know what you like and what interests you.

This is the start of an ongoing discussion We want it to be a big one. And we’d really like you to be part of it.

This article was originally written by Daniel Silkstone, former Head of Content, ARENA.