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What is happening in the energy sector?

The energy sector is undergoing a profound and complex transformation as the shift to renewable energy gathers momentum.

Transitioning the electricity system to deal with an increasing share of renewables and different ways of operating is challenging, but it presents many opportunities to help businesses manage their energy costs, as well as capture new sources of growth.

Electricity is only one component of the energy transition. Other sectors such as transport, heavy industry and the built environment are crucial in the pursuit of lower emissions and in ensuring Australia meets its international commitments.

There are many scenarios for the transition to a low emissions economy but technological development and innovation are part of almost every scenario.

Which projects do we invest in?

We invest in projects to to improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy through innovation that benefits Australian consumers and businesses.

We find Australia’s best ideas and connect them with the resources they need to help power the nation’s future.

This is achieved by funding projectssharing knowledge and supporting networks to drive ideas and bring renewable technologies to market.

Our Investment Plan outlines our current priorities and what we want to achieve.

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Find out more how we are influencing the following types of renewable energy initiatives:

Our investment priorities

Search iconAustralia is encouraging innovation and new technologies and ARENA has a major role to play in supporting the companies and institutions that are building our future energy system. Our investment priorities are derived from our funding and investment plans and address key areas that can help create a smooth transition to renewables.

Learn about our investment priorities

Read our funding and investment plans

Last updated 28 July 2021
Last updated
28 July 2021


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