We see you, Bermuda! The world tunes in to The Innovators

A few short weeks ago we launched our new podcast, ReWired: The Innovators.

Our aim was to bring you up close and personal with some of the inspiring people who are doing brilliant work, leading the change as we transition to a renewable energy future.

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We sought out fascinating people who are working in the nation’s top research labs, financing world-leading renewable projects and creating buzzworthy startups that investors are flocking to.

We’ve brought you the story of how researchers at Melbourne’s RMIT turned a failed project into a hydrogen-generating solar paint that has huge potential for future applications.

And how a life-changing epiphany led one woman to take renewable energy to the slums of India, and then on to a leadership role at the world’s largest green bank.

Host Adam Morton has joined these guests for engaging and informative chats about what drives them and their hopeful vision for the future.

We’ve already been downloaded thousands of times, by people in 60 countries from Argentina to Zambia and just about everywhere in between. We’re in Poland and Peru, Malaysia and Morocco, Singapore and Slovenia.

(A big shoutout to our two listeners in Bermuda; we’d be happy to visit for a live recording someday soon).

And this week we are thrilled to have been selected by Apple Podcasts for their “New & Noteworthy” feature slot.

It’s a prized piece of podcast real estate and it shows that ReWired: The Innovators is making its mark.

If you’ve been listening, we can’t thank you enough. And if you’re yet to give it a try, here’s what some of our fans are saying on iTunes, where The Innovators is averaging a five-star review…

“Love these podcasts. They help me retain optimism in these mad times. It is so good to hear so much innovation, about incredibly talented people and their amazing works.”


“Finally! An awesome and engaging way to learn about the renewable energy initiatives in Australia… you’re a legend.”


“One good news story after another! Australia is creating a new energy sector and renewed economy with each new project. Great stuff!”

Grass Fed

“I enjoy this podcast and use it to keep updated on new innovations. It’s nice, also, to hear that our government, universities and some businesses are actually doing something to help our environment.”


This article was originally written by Daniel Silkstone, Writer, former Head of Content, ARENA.