Australia’s first hybrid wind and solar farm

Introducing Australia’s first hybrid wind and solar farm in the southern tablelands of NSW with 28 hectares of energy generation – a 10MW solar farm surrounded by a 73 turbine wind farm.

How does a solar wind farm operate?

Australia’s first hybrid wind and solar farm and co-located renewable energy farms produce continuous energy generation. They complement each other with the wind farm generating more during winter and the solar farm generating more in the summer.

The Gullen Solar Farm has over 42,000 solar panels working hard and will produce approximately 22,000 megawatt-hours of clean renewable energy each year. This is enough energy to supply approximately 3,100 NSW homes.

ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht said this was an important milestone for co-located renewable energy services in Australia.

“The success of the Gullen Solar Farm has laid the groundwork for more solar plants to be built alongside wind farms in other areas of Australia and is also helping large-scale solar costs fall more quickly,”

“Wind farm owners across Australia can look to Gullen and see the benefits of adding solar plants such as reducing the environmental impact, increasing their renewable energy output,  and saving money on grid connection, approvals and site development costs by co-locating renewables.” Mr Frischknecht said.

The Gullen solar farm was turned on and producing electricity last year, but was only officially opened this week.

Seeing is believing

If you are struggling to imagine what 73 wind turbines and 42,000 solar panels look like, why not come and see for yourself? You can get up close and personal to a wind turbine and a solar array.

Visit the project website.