JET Charge tests new EV charger business model

JET Charge’s subscription model aims to eliminate upfront and operational costs for businesses wanting to install EV chargers.

By: Andrew Webster

Melbourne-based electric vehicle (EV) charging company JET Charge is testing a novel business model for supplying and operating EV chargers.

With $12 million funding support from ARENA, JET Charge has launched a $24.9 million Charging-as-a-Service Project.

The project aims to offer a simple, new way for fleet operators to pay for EV charging infrastructure. If successful, the new service could speed the arrival of thousands of EVs on Australia’s roads.

For many fleet operators, the upfront costs and ongoing complexity of installing and maintaining charging infrastructure are significant barriers to electrifying transport.

JET Charge CEO Tim Washington said: “I am extremely excited to be working with ARENA in launching this game changing model for Australian fleets.

“We know that fleets are looking for a way to electrify, and that infrastructure is a key barrier.

“Our Charging-as-a-Service project will increase affordability and demonstrate what running private charging networks will look like at scale.”

What is the Charging-as-a-Service model?

Transport accounts for nearly one fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. It is a vital sector to decarbonise if Australia is to meet its emissions reduction targets.

With fleets accounting for roughly half of new vehicle sales, they provide a valuable opportunity to reduce emissions on Australia’s roads.

JET Charge’s novel Charging-as-a-Service business model is a sort of “order-and-forget” subscription service.

Once signed up, JET Charge will look after installing charging stations on site with no up-front costs. Maintenance and operations services are all contained within the subscription fee. Also, there are no extra charges no matter how much the charging stations are used.

The project is set to run for three years. It will see the uptake of more than 3,100 new EVs with JET Charge installing the supporting charging infrastructure.

How is ARENA supporting EVs?

ARENA CEO Darren Miller said the project is an exciting opportunity to make EV charging more accessible to businesses and fleets.

“Not only will this project put more than 3,000 new electric vehicles on the road, but it will also help prove the Charging-as-a-Service model, hopefully leading to services like this rolling out across Australia.”

ARENA funded the project through the government’s $500 million Driving the Nation Fund. ARENA administers $130 million of that fund to enable the demonstration and deployment of net zero emissions vehicle technologies.

Since 2015, ARENA has granted more than $150 million to zero emissions vehicles projects. Projects include public charging, vehicle to grid trials, innovation in charging, hydrogen refuelling and fleet decarbonisation.


Andrew Webster