Solving the Energy Puzzle – Introducing our new podcast series

As we enter a new decade, ARENA is launching season three of our podcast ReWired. Together we will look at the pieces of Australia’s energy puzzle, and learn how they might come together in a future powered by renewables.

We know that the price of solar panels and wind turbines has plummeted – but they can’t power the grid alone. Over six episodes, our podcast will bring together innovators, industry, energy sectors and policymakers to explore the projects filling in the gaps to provide a reliable and affordable supply of energy.

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In each episode, you will hear from a range of energy experts – Dr Alan Finkel (Australia’s Chief Scientist), Audrey Zibelman (CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator), Kristina Haverkamp (Managing Director of the German Energy Agency) and Anna Skarbek (CEO of Climateworks). ARENA’s CEO Darren Miller is a constant companion. Along with innovators from some of the most exciting ARENA projects, our guests will share insights into Australia’s energy landscape and some future trends to look out for.

We will explore a range of topics – the role of large-scale storage in balancing the grid, the transition to a consumer-driven energy system, and the electric vehicle revolution driving us to a more sustainable transport system.

We will look at the state of Australia’s hydrogen industry. With demand for hydrogen projected to grow strongly as countries like Japan and South Korea seek to decarbonise their energy systems, we ask the experts what an Australian hydrogen industry would look like and how we can kick start it.

Outside of the electricity sector, the transition to renewables is just beginning. We take a look at how mining operations, manufacturers, food producers and other energy intensive industries are improving their efficiency and embracing renewables.

You made the first two seasons of ReWired a massive success, and inspired us to share more of the important stories about Australia’s shift to renewable energy.

We hope you enjoy these stories and learn something new. Listen and subscribe via your podcast channel of choice above.