Finkel and Friends

Chief Scientist Alan Finkel and a host of other leaders in the renewables field have been unveiled as the faces of a major energy summit, hosted by ARENA.

The Innovating Energy Summit will take over the Great Hall of Canberra’s Parliament House on August 14.

As the tagline, “Powering Australia’s Future” suggests, this one-day event aims to bring together the nation’s leading thinkers on renewable energy with experts from all of the cutting-edge projects that ARENA funds across Australia.

The event will feature a mix of expert speakers, each of whom will deliver a ten-minute presentation about the future of renewable energy. It aims to bring together interests from all parts of the renewable energy spectrum and representatives from key industry NGOs, councils, associations, businesses, government and universities are encouraged to attend.

Speakers will be led by a keynote address from Dr Finkel, whose recent review into the Australian energy sector captured headlines and won plaudits across the country. Others to share their thoughts include Dr Andrew Blakers, who has been at the forefront of pumped hydro and arguments towards a scheme dubbed “Snowy 2.0” and CSIRO Chief Solar Research Scientist Wes Stein.

Chief Executives from the Australian Energy Market Operator and the Clean Energy Council will also be among those speaking, as will Professor Stuart White, who is Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney.

The event will also boast a cutting-edge showcase featuring the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, CSIRO and the Clean Energy Regulator, among others.

Attendance is by registration only. Please register by 28 July 2017. (Closed)

The Innovating Energy Summit: Powering Australia’s Future is a free event proudly hosted by ARENA with support from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, CSIRO, and the Clean Energy Regulator.