Knowledge sharing

At ARENA, knowledge sharing refers to the generation, capture and dissemination of information, products and activities that help the renewable energy industry and other stakeholders to learn from each other’s experiences.

Our knowledge sharing role is set by law and all ARENA-funded activities are expected to include a knowledge sharing component.

ARENA also funds standalone knowledge sharing activities through the Advancing Renewables Program that are focused entirely on creating, collecting, analysing, storing, using or sharing knowledge.

The benefits of knowledge sharing

One of the most effective ways to get affordable, abundant renewables is to capture and share knowledge (skills, experience and understanding) that can be used to improve research, raise awareness, and overcome barriers to the increased use of renewable energy.

Sharing knowledge also helps to improve industry capability and streamline the process for delivering renewable energy projects.

This will ultimately increase the amount of renewable energy in Australia and make it more affordable.

Who ARENA shares knowledge with

We share knowledge with industry, researchers, financiers and investors, governments and regulators, and the Australian community.

How the knowledge is used

The knowledge is used to develop renewable energy technologies that are best suited to Australia’s diverse geography as well as the energy needs of our households and businesses.

It also provides relevant information and evidence to develop better policies and projects.

Priorities and approach

Knowledge sharing activities may include a wide range of activities aimed at advancing renewables, such as those described in our high-value knowledge list. Refer to the ARENA Investment Plan for more information.

Our approach to knowledge sharing is to work with industry to search for, synthesise, store and share high value knowledge.


We search for information through supporting, facilitating or undertaking knowledge sharing activities that align with our high-value knowledge list.


Then we synthesise (or refine) this knowledge by:

  • Partnering with government institutions and data agencies
  • Supporting industry and researchers (through procurements or grants)
  • Analysing information in-house with our teams of technology and financial experts.


We are developing solutions to store different types of knowledge to make it publicly accessible, as well as supporting a number of related industry initiatives such as the Australian PV Institute’s live solar PV map.


The final step is to share this renewable energy knowledge both within the industry and beyond.

We share knowledge through forums, workshops, conferences, site visits, this website, the media and social media.

We are also working with industry to turn this knowledge into a knowledge bank resource of helpful guides, tools, reports and models.