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Our publications

ARENA projects

Our corporate publications provide information about:

  1. Our investment plans,
  2. Performance,
  3. Governance and operations.

Annual report

Annual report iconOur Annual Reports provides information about ARENA’s achievements, governance, operational and program performance.

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Corporate plan

Corporate plan iconThe plan outlines our performance measures, capabilities and approach to managing risk in the context of our purpose and operating environment.

Read the Corporate Plan

Funding and investment plan

Funding and investment plan iconWe contribute funds to renewable energy projects according to our General Funding Strategy and Investment Plan.

Read the Funding and Investment Plan


Legislation and regulation

Legislation and regulation iconRead about how we were established and the important documents that govern the way we operate.

Read about legislation and regulation


Our reconciliation commitment

Reconciliation commitment iconRead about our commitment to redressing past injustices and to increase employment and reduce the level of disadvantage across diverse groups.

Read about our reconciliation commitment


Submissions iconWe produce policy submissions to share information and insights from projects to inform policy development & energy market reform processes.

Read about our submissions

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Last updated 18 July 2020
Last updated
18 July 2020


New chair appointed to ARENA board

Investment manager Justin Punch has been appointed to chair ARENA’s board.

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SolShare technology invention smashes barriers to solar apartments

An Australian startup is making solar available to more people than ever before with the world’s first behind-the-meter solar sharing device.

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Hunt on for fixes for weak electricity grids

Researchers at Monash University’s Grid Innovation Hub will look for ways to strengthen weak and unstable parts of the electricity grid.

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