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Finance reporting

Annual Report

Annual report iconOur Annual Reports provides information about ARENA’s achievements, governance, operational and program performance.

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Contracts iconThe Senate Order for Entity Contracts requires each entity to list details of all contracts valued at $100,000 or more on their website.

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Gifts and Benefits Register

Contracts iconWe register and publish accepted gifts and benefits by our CEO.

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Last updated 18 August 2020
Last updated
18 August 2020


How could pumped hydro energy storage power our future?

Reservoirs of water are poised to play a key role storing renewable energy to bolster the grid.

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How could renewable hydrogen power our lives?

Hydrogen offers a way to produce a renewable, emissions-free fuel using the power of the sun and wind.

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South Australia goes with the flow battery

The world’s largest solar powered vanadium flow battery is set to shake up the energy storage market.

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