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About our board

ARENA projects

The ARENA board sets the investment strategies and priorities, oversees the running of our agency, and approves funding for projects up to $50 million.

Appointed members have experience and knowledge in either renewable energy, technology, commercialisation, business investment or corporate governance. This ensures expert administration of funds available.

The ARENA Board also has oversight of two committees including the:

  1. Risk and Audit Committee, and
  2. The People and Culture Committee.


ARENA board member Ms Jo Evans

Mr Justin Punch, Chair / Non-executive member

Justin Punch is an experienced environmental investor focussed on climate and energy investment, with a 30-year career working across private equity, line management and management consulting. He is a Director of Tasman Environmental Markets, a global leader in carbon offset markets, and a co-founder and Director of Meridolum, one of the largest providers of biodiversity offset credits under the NSW biobanking scheme.

As a Partner at leading Australian private equity firm Archer Capital, Justin co-led investments totalling over $300 million across a diverse range of sectors. He served as Chairman or as a Director of Australian Geographic, John West Foods, Paradise Foods, Brownes Dairy and the Healthe Care private hospital group. He has extensive experience in the management of operating businesses as well as consulting experience with the Boston Consulting Group.

Justin currently serves as the Chairman of the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust. The Trust supports the works of Indigenous ranger groups in Arnhem Land on projects covering a range of conservation, education and employment outcomes, including assisting with landscape-scale carbon abatement programmes, conserving endangered landscapes and species; providing logistical support to remote ranger operations; conserving Indigenous knowledge systems and cultural heritage; and improving education outcomes.

Justin holds Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law degrees from the University of NSW and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Mr John Hirjee

John Hirjee is the Executive Director, Resources, Energy and Infrastructure at ANZ Banking Group. He is an experienced company research analyst and banker in the energy and resource sectors.

Ms Anna Matysek

Anna Matysek is the Founder and Managing Director of Northbridge Consulting Services and co-founded BAEconomics. She is an experienced economist and consultant. She has expertise in the energy, infrastructure and resources sectors including energy analysis, economic modelling and corporate governance.

Mr Justin Butcher

Justin Butcher is an entrepreneur and business investor. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MXA Consulting, a successful, start-up technology consulting firm. He is an experienced business mentor providing advice on corporate governance, strategy, business models and leadership to start-ups and other businesses.

Ms Stephanie Unwin

Stephanie Unwin is Chief Executive of Horizon Power. She has held a range of senior positions in the energy and resources industries, including General Manager Commercial at Synergy and General Counsel at Verge Energy. She was also the Chief Executive Officer of Phylogica, an Australian biomedical company.

Mr Dougal McOmish

Dougal McOmish is Director, Eco Advisory, a corporate and strategic advisor focused on the food and agribusiness sectors. He was previously Chief Operating Officer of Sundrop Farms, an agriculture company pioneering sustainable production methods, including using desalinated sea water and concentrated solar thermal technology. Mr McOmish also has experience in the finance sector as an investment banker, predominantly with Macquarie Group in Australia and Asia.

ARENA board member Ms Jo Evans

Ms Jo Evans, Ex-officio member

Jo Evans is a Deputy Secretary at the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and delegate for the Secretary. Jo is responsible for Climate Change and Energy Innovation, and leads the rollout of the government’s climate change policy as well as supporting energy innovation (including hydrogen, offshore wind and electric vehicles).

Jo has worked in a number of portfolios including the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of the Environment and Energy. Prior to joining the Australian Public Service in 2000, Jo worked for management consultants McKinsey & Company.

Jo has a Masters of Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University; a Masters in Environmental Science from the University of Melbourne; and a combined bachelor degree in Asian Studies and Economics (Honours) from the Australian National University.

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Last updated 24 July 2020
Last updated
24 July 2020


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