Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund

Australia has many promising renewable energy solutions that could progress to the next stage of development with ARENA’s assistance.

ARENA’s $100 million Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund was created to foster skills and management capability and provide funding confidence to renewable energy projects to strengthen their chance of success.

Southern Cross Venture Partners Pty Ltd was appointed manager of the Fund and Softbank China Venture Capital matched ARENA’s $100 million investment creating the $200 million Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund, which is the largest venture capital fund dedicated to renewable energy in Australia.

The Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund provides management expertise and makes equity investments in early-stage Australian renewable energy companies to help them overcome capital constraints, develop technologies, increase skills and forge international connections.

Investments by the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund

Commercialisation of high-performance anti-reflective coatings to be applied to solar panels to make them more efficient

Company: Brisbane Materials Holdings Inc

Investment: $3,500,014

Commercialisation of a hydrogen storage technology which will enable a new renewable energy storage solution

Company: Hydrexia Pty Ltd

Investment: $4,500,000

Deployment of solar integration system into the Australian market

Company: Sunverge Energy

Investment: $7,607,096

Development of a new cost effective liquid battery technology to enable 24/7 renewable electricity

Company: Boulder Ionics

Investment: $528,320

Development of a competitive cost position in PV manufacturing, sales and distribution in the Australian market

Company: UCT Australia

Investment: $5,344,638

Development of advanced lithium-ion battery storage solutions for Australian and global markets

Company: Octillion Power Systems Australia

Investment: $6,300,000

How to make an investment proposal to the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund

Southern Cross Venture Partners makes all investment decisions using its own investment criteria. For more information about the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund please contact:

Southern Cross Venture Partners
Mr Gareth Dando
Phone: +61 2 8314 7400