How to apply for funding

  1. Determine which initiative or programme you are applying under and read the appropriate programme guidelines and information manual
  2. Call our Business Development team on +61 2 6243 7054 to discuss your project’s suitability
  3. Develop your proposal
  4. Submit your proposal on ARENANet, our grants management system.

Your proposal will be assessed in line with our application assessment process.

We will provide you with feedback and information about the next steps.

Already have a
funding agreement?

Manage your agreement and
submit reports on ARENANet

Who can apply for funding

Technology developers, researchers and other organisations are invited to submit applications for funding under relevant ARENA initiatives.

Initiatives and programmes currently open for funding applications

How ARENA funding works

ARENA provides funds to develop technologies and to improve investor confidence in renewable energy projects and strengthen those projects’ chances of success. ARENA’s approximately $2.5 billion in funding is legislated and extends until 2022.

More information about ARENA funding

How we can help

We can help to determine the fit of your proposal with ARENA programmes and provide advice on your suitability to apply.

To discuss your proposal, contact ARENA on +61 2 6243 7054 or email