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  • Start date

    25 August 2023

  • Closing date

    19 December 2025

Regional Microgrids Program

Step 1 - Reading the Program Guidelines
  • Background

    The Regional Microgrids Program (the Program) seeks to support the development and deployment of renewable energy microgrids across regional Australia that contribute to the Program Outcomes.

    ARENA has allocated funding across two Streams under the Program, and each Stream has its own Outcomes.

    Regional Australia Microgrid Pilots (Stream A)

    The aim of Stream A is to fund Projects that contribute to the following Outcomes:

    1. Innovation and/or acceleration of the development and deployment of equipment and technology solutions that enable the coordinated use of distributed renewable energy technologies.
    2. Improved resilience and reliability of electricity supply in regional areas.
    3. Resolving one or more of the remaining barriers to deployment of microgrid solutions.


    First Nations Community Microgrids (Stream B)

    The aim of Stream B is to fund Projects that contribute to the following Outcomes:

    1. Reduced cost of energy and other community benefits in First Nations Communities.
    2. Cleaner and more reliable energy in First Nations Communities.
    3. First Nations Communities are empowered to participate in their electricity supply arrangements and the development of energy infrastructure.
    4. Resolving one or more of the remaining barriers to deployment of microgrid solutions.


    How it works

    The Program Guidelines detail the process we will use to fund projects under the Program. Funding is available until the Final Submission Date, or until funds are exhausted. The expected grant size under each Stream can be found under item 1.16 of the Program Guidelines, and Applicants seeking grant amounts outside the expected ranges will need to demonstrate exemplary merit with very broad industry benefit.

    Funding Guidelines



    Have a question? Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document above in the first instance. If your question is not answered in the FAQ document email

    Further reading



Step 2 - Observe the key dates
  • Key Dates

    Key dates for the Program are outlined below. For more details, refer to the Program Guidelines.

    • Application Open Date: Friday, 25 August 2023
    • Final Submission Date: Friday, 19 December 2025

    The dates represent the current timetable for the Program. ARENA retains the right to amend proposed timelines and stages of the Program at its discretion.

Step 3 - Prepare your response
  • Expression of Interest

    Applicants submitting an expression of interest are required to submit a Project Plan and Financial Model. Please see the Program Guidelines for further information.

    Note: Please ensure you have spoken with an ARENA representative before submitting your Expression of Interest.

    Submit application


  • Full application

    Applicants who are successful at the EOI stage will be invited to submit a Full Application.

    Refer to the Program Guidelines for the full list of required attachments that must be included with your application.

    Note: Review the Funding Agreement Template. If you do not agree with clauses or details record them in the Compliance Table template. If you agree, submit a blank document with your application.


    Submit application


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