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How to apply for funding

Step 1 - Read the program guidelines
  • Background

    Industrial transformation at ARENA is intended to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to industrial activity. A range of technology solutions targeting industrial emissions abatement may be supported, from electrification and energy efficiency to fuel switching and zero emissions vehicles. Enabling technologies such as energy storage, demand management and critical infrastructure supporting onsite decarbonisation will also be considered. Projects can range from studies to scale demonstration and deployment.

    There are two programs relevant to industrial transformation:

    • The $400 million Industrial Transformation Stream (which is a stream under the $1.9 billion Powering the Regions Fund) and
    • The $40 million National Industrial Transformation Program.

    See the guide below for further explanation on the two programs:
    Which Industrial Decarbonisation Program Is Right For Me (PDF 128 KB)

    About the program 

    The objectives of the NIT Program are to: 

    • Support industrial facilities in Australia to reduce emissions in line with Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction goals and transition to net zero by 2050. 
    • Improve technology readiness and commercial readiness of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency technologies and electrification technologies that will result in a significant reduction in scope 1 and/or scope 2 emissions or improve the energy efficiency of an industrial process or processes. 
    • Encourage technology demonstration, collaboration and knowledge sharing across industry and/or regions. 
    • Support upskilling of industrial workforce in new decarbonisation activities. 

    How it works 

    In September 2022, ARENA launched the Industrial Energy Transformation Studies Program (IETS Program). The original IETS Program had two funding streams, each supported by its own set of IETS Guidelines. 

    Following the announcement of the Industrial Transformation Stream (ITS Program), ARENA has revised the IETS Guidelines to harmonise the delivery of the two programs. The revised IETS Program will now be known as the National Industrial Transformation Program (NIT Program) and will be supported by a new single NIT Guidelines document. 

    The original IETS Guidelines continue to apply to any applicant who submitted an EOI or Full Application under the IETS Program on a date up to and including Tuesday, 19 December 2023. No further applications can be made to the IETS Program. The NIT Guidelines apply to any applicant who submits an EOI or Full Application for funding from Wednesday, 20 December 2023 onwards. 

    The NIT Program is ongoing and will consider applications that contribute to the Program objectives. 


    The NIT Guidelines describe the eligibility requirements and the process used to assess merit. Assessment typically involves a two-stage application process (an Expression of Interest [EOI] application and a Full Application).  

    Funding Agreement 

    ARENA agrees to provide funding in accordance with the terms of the relevant ARENA Funding Agreement (see ‘Prepare your response’). 

    More information 

    Reference documents 

Step 2: Observe the key dates
  • The NIT Program is an open, ongoing program which will run until funds are exhausted or otherwise terminated or extended at ARENA’s discretion.  

    You may submit an application at any time. Applications will be assessed on a regular basis as driven by pipeline volume.  

    You are strongly encouraged to contact ARENA at to discuss your proposal prior to submitting the online application.  

    To receive a notification for the opening of online submissions, or other Program updates, please register your interest. 

Step 3: Prepare your response
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