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This Knowledge Sharing report describes the second year of EnergyAustralia’s Demand Response Project.

Report extract

EnergyAustralia has progressed strongly with the demand response trial in the latter half of 2019, growing our Behavioural Demand Response (BDR) cohort significantly – from less than 10,000 at the beginning of the year, to over 19,000 in December.

We trialled two offers in relation to residential BDR this year: a standard offering, whereby customers are sent text messages on the day of the event and their results a few days later; and a premium experience, whereby customers have access to their near real-time consumption and reduction during an event. A more cost reflective BDR incentive was also trialled under the premium experience. Given the Premium BDR experience has higher operational and system costs, it will need to be assessed against the improved curtailment and engagement benefits at the end of the program, 30 November 2020.

BDR customers were surveyed about the way they use electricity; 55% moderately to significantly change their behaviour at the time of a PowerResponse event, which demonstrates a high level of engagement of active customers.

This is consistent with the level of understanding and confidence of these customers in making the necessary changes to their electricity usage.

Last updated 09 July 2020
Last updated
09 July 2020
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