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ARENA funded Hydroelectricity and Pumped Hydroelectricity Energy Storage (PHES) projects are summarised in this document.

Report extract

The listing below summarises the Hydroelectricity and Pumped Hydroelectricity Energy Storage (PHES) projects that have received funding from ARENA as at 28 April 2020.

It encompasses a range of projects including those under Hydro Tasmania’s ‘Battery of the Nation’ program, investigating the viability of transforming unused mining pits into hydroelectricity facilities and building tools to identify potential pumped hydroelectricity energy storage sites across Australia.

Hydro Tasmania Battery of the Nation – Tasmanian Pumped-Hydro Opportunities – Stage 2b
Prefeasibilty study to identify the key project risks, benefits and costs, to enable investment decisions to be made on whether to conduct full feasibility studies. Based on the findings of the prefeasibility studies, business case(s) will be prepared for full feasibility studies for selected projects

Origin Energy Eraring Pty Limited Shoalhaven – Pumped Hydro Expansion Opportunity Feasibility Study
The feasibility study will explore the technical and commercial feasibility of expanding the existing Shoalhaven PHES Scheme.

OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd Middleback Ranges – Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project Prefeasibility Study
The project is a pre-feasibility study for the development of a PHES plant at a mine site known as the “Iron Duchess North” in the Middleback Ranges, South Australia. The base case for the pre-feasibility study is 110 MW dispatchable power and six hours storage with consideration to increase capacity to 220 MW. The success of this project would demonstrate the potential for unlocking value from other legacy mining sites. The combination of solar and pumped hydro in this project also has significant potential to create the low-cost power required to support Australia’s energy intensive industries.

Hydro Tasmania Battery of the Nation – Augmenting the Tasmanian Hydropower System – Stage 1b
This project will conduct a full feasibility study on the final Tarraleah scheme redevelopment option identified in the pre-feasibility study (Stage 1a). It aims to deliver redevelopment cost and value certainty for optimising the scheme for a different future role in NEM.

Last updated 29 May 2020
Last updated
29 May 2020
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