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The scope of the project was to develop an SEA and additional tools to facilitate the PV integration in the network. A dashboard was developed to be a user-friendly interface to use these tools.

Report extract

The Solar Enablement Project (SEI) demonstrates the technical feasibility of achieving full network visibility from incomplete measurement data using an innovative distribution network state estimation algorithm. This algorithm allows monitoring the voltages, currents and power flows within an entire network and has been demonstrated on 20 Australian medium-voltage distribution feeders.

The improved visibility of the network state assists network planners to better evaluate the connection of new photovoltaic (PV) systems and has potential to support additional network assessment, planning and operational processes. During the two past years, this $A2.9 million project has demonstrated that the three participating Australian Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) already have collected enough data to run a Distribution System State Estimation Algorithm (SEA) on the majority of their MV feeders.

Last updated 08 July 2020
Last updated
08 July 2020
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