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Project overview
  • Lead Organisation

    Australian Photovoltaic Institute (participants University of NSW, CAT Projects, Sunwiz, SMA)


    New South Wales

    ARENA Program

    Australian Solar Institute

  • Start Date

    September 2012



  • Project Partners


This project involves the development of an interactive live solar photovoltaic (PV) map that tracks the uptake and impact of PV across Australia.


There is a lack of understanding of solar PV potential, performance and impact on electricity systems across different regions of Australia.

This type of data is required to inform investment and system design decisions, and for the planning and management of distributed energy.

Project innovation

The live solar PV map tracks the uptake and impact of PV across Australia, to help inform research and investment decisions.

The map incorporates:

  • information on how much PV is installed in Australia including estimated electricity generated each year and in which locations (identified by postcode)
  • market data and trends
  • historical and live performance data covering all main climate regions in Australia, with contribution to Australia’s load by electricity market region.

The map will undergo further enhancements over 2014 including the addition of a geographic information system (GIS)-based tool for assessing PV potential in urban environments, accounting for available roof area, tilt, orientation and shading.


This project has provided increased awareness, confidence and information about PV capacity and performance. It provides access to data that can be used to conduct high quality research related to photovoltaics markets, performance, reliability and integration with energy markets and networks.

The information can also be used to better understand the factors that contribute to cost reduction, quality and reliability of PV electricity.

Last updated 29 October 2019
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